School Meals


Breakfast club

We offer a staffed breakfast club from 8.20 to 8.40am for children. The charge for this club is £1 per day. We can not accept children in the club later than 8.25am in order to allow for breakfast to be completed and children to be in class ready for register at 8.50am.

Breakfast is an important meal of the day and food is a significant motivator to our children. It is important they have their breakfast at home if they are not in breakfast club.

School Meals

Dinner time is a tricky time for some children and so meal times are planned carefully at The Orchards. The children sit on ‘family tables’ with a member of staff who can support with feeding difficulties but also help to promote conversation and appropriate behaviours and manners. Freshly cooked hot meals are offered but the children can choose alternatives such as sandwiches and jacket potatoes. We aim to expand acceptable food variations by offering new foods to try and ensure we pay particular attention to the sensory needs of the children. Lunch times are staggered to help the lunch hall remain calm and peaceful.

Children can bring in a packed lunch from home and we will offer the same support as above. Lunches cost £2.20 per day. If you think you may qualify for free school meals, contact your local authority who will be able to help you.


Snack Times

The children have two snacks a day. These are a communication focused time linked to developing EHC and learning outcomes.  We offer a range of cereals alongside toast, bagels or crumpets and give the children a drink in the morning. During this time we promote purposeful conversation. In the afternoon the children are given a fruit snack and we have a focused discussion about an area linked to our learning. These are important parts of our school day. We do not charge for snacks.