Our School


In our school, we promote independence and encourage our children to be confident, secure learners. We strive to provide purposeful teaching and an enriched learning environment which meets the needs of all pupils. We have high aspirations as a school and maintain high expectations for each child that is educated with us.   

We believe in enriched multi-sensory learning and ensure that our children develop their social interactions and relationship-building skills. We promote full inclusivity across the school and maximise high quality teaching in class. We also provide the children with sanctuary-bases for withdrawal time and learning bays for bespoke intervention work. Reading is an integral part of our school life and we provide appropriate reading resources which are accessible to all our learners, including non-verbal children. Our children’s learning is enriched through frequent outdoor activities, special visitors and educational visits. As we are a new school, we have a wide range of brand new up to date resources that help to support learning.  We are fortunate to have access to a wide range of interventions and assessments in order to maximise progress and secure best outcomes.

Parental involvement is actively encouraged and we ask our parents to participate in school life and visit the school to experience their child’s learning environment. There is a close connection between school and home life in order for us to support the children’s learning outside of the school. 

We believe that high quality teaching underpins the children’s learning outcomes and are continually working towards developing an outstanding curriculum with our highly-qualified team of teaching staff.