Consultation with pupils possessing a Statement of Special Needs


A consultation process was undertaken with a group of complex learning pupils, with the theme ‘Aspirations’. Creative activities were used to provide access to the topic and in enabling the group to exclaim their views and aspirations for their future.


The young peoples comments were broken down into two areas, (a) what they like at the moment, and (b) aspirations for High School.


(a) Favourite things in my school at the moment

Nice school sandwiches

Being on the VIP table

Reading lots of books


Love the breathing space

I like collecting conkers

Playing on the grass


I like spelling tests

I like playing with my friends

Love going on trips


Love learning Spanish

Eating school packed lunches

Love art and P.E.


Love Granny Pat’s gong

Number lines to a 1,000

Place holding zero


I like my lap top

Going out to the museum

Singing songs in class


I like the laptops

Playing outside with my friend

Love new uniform


Smart new uniform

Playing out with my good friends

Beautiful art work


I like work at school



(b) My Aspirations for High School


After school clubs and going home 

Maths, Science, Music, History and topics

I am going to be a sports girl and play basketball. I love playing basketball.

I wish I can play at High school in the playground and make new friends.

Hockey, Spanish, football team, Science, Art, PE and being on the bus on my own.

Arts and crafts, cooking, hardwork and football.

Tennis, number work, football, science, spelling, singing, ICT, crafts.

Hairspray, science, jumping, playing, dancing and singing class.

I want to become a builder, using cranes, big cranes.


Observations from pupil consultation

The pupils enjoy their present school environment, which offers an inclusive primary timetable. This includes languages, IT, art, maths, P.E., English, visits and time for socialisation. In their aspirations they represent an image of an inclusive learning programme and timetable.

They also request opportunities to socialise (allowinging for their developmental delay).

In the Statements for High School, one can see feelings of intent being displayed, ‘I am going to be a sports girl’, ‘I want to become a builder’. Demonstrating clear aspirations and an expectation that an appropriate structured learning programme will assist in the achievements of the their future intentions and aspirations.

In describing their aspirations, they are also declaring the type of facility required, one which can provide sports, IT, maths, etc. A new building will meet these requirements, improving their learning experiences.

Pupils are also being clear on the type of skills they expect staff to possess: arts, numeracy and literacy, sport and IT. Our model will appoint support workers with skills which will match these aspirations.