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The Creative Curriculum at The Orchards

Creativity and the arts play an important part across all schools in the Trust including The Orchards. We ensure plentiful opportunities for children to participate in cross-curricular creative projects, which enrich their education and support multisensory learning. The Orchards has a designated Creative Classroom where the children can experience modified and adapted teaching through a variety of creative teaching and learning. The creative curriculum includes Art and Craft, Design Technology, Food and Nutrition, Outdoor learning and movement and dance. Children are supported to participate in structured games, workshops, activities and exploration of a wide range of materials.

We teach the children through a variety of multi- sensory creative and practical activities, delivering a high quality programme to inspire and challenge the children while giving them knowledge and the ability to master skills required in everyday life. Our aim is to enrich their imagination, self-expression and creative thinking process in order to engage fully and maximise creative achievement.

Children have specific creative sessions in the creative room and gardens several times a week. They also work in their own class to participate in topic related activities. As part of our creative curriculum, each half term we also look at the work of a featured artist or focus on a particular cultural style of art.


Emma Sturgeon – our Creative Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

The school employ a creative HLTA who delivers these lessons but also works closely with the teachers to ensure cross-curricular teaching in core subjects and topic based work. The creative HLTA identifies specific difficulties and is able to offer a differentiated in approach to achieve best outcomes. It is the role of the Creative HLTA to find the balance of structure and freedom while engaging the children through painting, sculpture, college, clay, drawing, cutting and sticking and much more. The HLTA nurtures and builds confidence as children gain a sense of mastery over a wide range of materials and access all subjects through a creative approach. By delivering outstanding practise, the children express their own ideas and have the freedom to make decisions about their work. The staff model different ways of working and communicating by asking open-ended questions, giving positive encouragement and by providing ample access to a creative curriculum through an abundance of opportunities.

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