Welcome to The Orchards

Welcome to The Orchards. I am proud to be the Head of School for The Orchards and part of The Dunham Trust. I have a wealth of experience working with SEND children across a variety of settings and roles. I have 13 years’ experience working as a class teacher and senior leader in many school settings and across every primary age group. Recently, I have worked as an SEND advisor within mainstream and special schools to support full inclusion and latterly as the Education, Health and Care (EHC) Assessment Manager for Trafford LA.   

I promote independence within our school and the importance of encouraging our children to be confident, secure learners. We provide an enriched learning environment which caters for the specific needs of our pupils. I have high aspirations for our school and maintain high expectations for each child that is educated with us.  

I advocate and believe in:

  • The importance of quality first teaching to underpin highly adapted and personalised learning.
  • Forward thinking approaches used to remove barriers and promote independence within an inclusive classroom.
  • Well-ordered, structured and risk-free classrooms where children can thrive and feel empowered by being healthy, safe and engaged.
  • An curriculum that is enriched by practical experiences and bountiful opportunities for alternative ways of learning.
  • Maintaining high expectations for all children with SEND so they can excel at their achievements.
  • Providing genuine feedback and challenge through constantly updated assessments
  • Ensuring all children, despite their difficulties, maintain their dignity and develop high self-esteem to aspire to be the best they can be.

I am a firm advocate for children with SEND. Through personal experience, I understand the complexities and challenges that additional needs can bring to a family. As a result, I will sincerely ensure that parents of our pupils get the best outcomes for themselves and their child.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or the school if you have any questions about The Orchards. 

Kind Regards

Miss Judith Nash

Head of School
The Orchards

Welcome from Deputy Head of School

Hello, I am the new Deputy Head of School for The Orchards in Trafford. My name is Helen O’Brien. I have 15 years of teaching experience in different primary schools across different primary age ranges. For five years, I was a senior manager Inclusion manager for a Manchester Primary School with a thriving and vibrant resourced unit. I have much experience teaching and managing children with a variety of additional needs.

I am a firm believer in education enabling both children and families to get the very best outcomes for life. My experience has taught me that working hand in hand with children and families ensures not only success but also happiness, which is crucial to good learning and development for all children. I am a passionate believer in high expectations for all and the school’s moto ‘be the best you can be’ fits firmly with these beliefs.

I believe that the pupil should be at the very centre of everything we do and feel both excited and privileged to be part of The Orchards School and Dunham Trust who I know share this belief. I will bring dedication, empathy and enthusiasm to each child I work with, and know that, alongside the excellent staffing team, we will be able to create some truly magical learning experiences for all.

I am very much looking forward to meeting all our families over the next few weeks and months. So please do come and say hello if you are in school.

Deputy Head of School
Helen O'Brien


Welcome from Inclusion Manager

Hello. I am Helen Walker, the Inclusion Manager at The Orchards and would like to extend the welcome to the school. I am an experienced special needs teacher with a passion for creating safe and meaningful learning opportunities for every child. I particularly love the challenge of putting theory/ policy into personalised workable practice for our school. As SENCO I intend to ensure that every child and family has their voice heard and are enabled to become decision makers in a collaborative process. I will fight passionately to ensure that children achieve the best outcomes in life.

As Yellow pathway lead, I am responsible for all children in our school ‘hub’. I am passionate about person centred learning, particularly in the area of Alternative Communication.

Working as part of the Senior Leadership Team, I am driven to create optimum learning environments that match the learning needs of all pupils whilst offering an exciting, creative curriculum which allows the children to learn the best way possible for them.

I strive to be an advocate for every child here and forging positive relationships with families.

Inclusion Manager
Helen Walker