Our Staff

We have a highly experienced team of teaching staff with specialist training that are able to support the children and their individual needs.  Each of our small classes, of no more than eight children, have two teaching assistants as well as the class teacher.

Many of our staff have specialist training and all our staff have received medication training. We have teachers who lead in sensory integration and also have advanced knowledge of feeding difficulties and self-regulation. 

Our creative HLTA works in collaboration with the teachers to support creativity in the classroom. She ensures that creativity is planned with cross-curricular links, aiming to promote the exploration of learning through creativity in the classroom. These specialised differentiated creative activities are help to support the development of children’s problem-solving through creative thinking.

Our specialist sports coach works with the children to develop their skills in physical activity, such as agility, balance, coordination and moving towards team led sports Key stage 2. The children are able to develop their skills in sports participation including team work, cooperation, sharing and following rules. 

Our aim for 2018 is to expand our supportive team even further working towards an onsite Family Support Worker.

Meet our team of highly experienced staff below.  

Head of School

Purple Pathway Team

Yellow Pathway Team

Teaching Support Team

Office Staff