Admissions information

The Orchard’s School can cater for children aged 4-11 with a wide range of needs; from moderate to complex with specialisms in cognition and learning, communication and interaction, physical and sensory and children with complex medical conditions. While we are able to offer provision for children with ASC, we regret we do not have facilities to manage children with severe emotional, social and mental health needs.

We are will be able to offer eight Reception/Key stage 1 and eight Key stage 2 places from January 2018. Please let me know if you have any further children who require possible placement with us.

You can download our Admissions policy.  

Admission and Induction arrangements for new pupils


Children are admitted to The Orchards School at the start of each term following a completed application and successful admission as followed below. 

Applications to the School

Applications from parents of children with a Statement/EHC plan who name The Orchards School as their first choice should be discussed and sent to the Local Authority at the Annual/Interim review. These will be considered by a Local Authority SEN Panel.

A letter is sent to school from the LA to ask us to consider whether we can meet the child’s needs. The School will look at all relevant paperwork.

The senior management team are responsible for admissions throughout The Orchards school. Within 15 days of the application they will arrange a visit to The Orchards to meet the parents and child. They may contact the current setting for a current picture. This gives a robust background and helps decide whether The Orchards School is the right school for the child. For EYFS children a home visit may be arranged.

On a visit to The Orchards, parents will given an understanding of what the school can offer. There are further details of the school offer on the website Visits to the school must be booked in advance.

The SMT staff at the Orchards will meet within 15 days of the request to consider all relevant information/documentation to decide if the school can meet the child’s needs. Parents will be notified in writing.

The LA will be contacted with an offer of a place and possible start date or the place will be declined with reasons explaining why. The LA will make a final decision and inform parents by letter.


Confirmation of a Place

When parents receive confirmation of a place they will be contacted to make an appointment for a Personalised Profile Meeting. This meeting will be with a senior member of staff and will include discussions about

  • Parent handbook
  • Need to know information about the child
  • Medical details
  • Personal details
  • History/My story
  • Parental agreement
  • Contact information
  • Home school agreement
  • Photo permission
  • Transport

All parents must attend this meeting before the start of their child’s admission. A child can not start a placement without this important paperwork. The School Handbook contains all the basic information about the school, routines, dates, uniform etc. This will also be given to the parents before starting.

Transition to and starting at The Orchards School

When a place is confirmed, parents are asked to bring their child in for 1 more or more taster sessions. This will support a carefully planned transition package which will be discussed at the Personalised Profile Meeting. 

New pupils spend time with their new class mates and are introduced to new staff. We are happy for children to be supported during part of this transition programme by parents or staff from their current school.

Staff are briefed about the specific needs of all new pupils prior to induction. All new pupils will be allocated a key worker when they start full-time.

Settling into school routines

All new parents are invited to visit their child’s new class, meet the staff and other parents and find out information about their child’s class routines and curriculum.

Parents who are unable to attend follow up visits will be contacted for regular updates by telephone for an agreed transition time.

The school welcomes parent involvement and actively seeks to involve parents with as many activities and events at the school.

Parents can stay involved through the home-dairy system, coffee mornings, twitter, facebook and newsletters.

Parents are welcome to visit the school. There are 6 SEN updates a year where parents are invited in to speak to the class teacher alongside 2 formal parents’ evenings.