The Orchards Mission Statement


“They come this way only once so we should litter their pathways with quality experiences”



The overall aim of our proposed new Free School is to raise the quality of lives of pupils, with Special Educational Needs statements in their primary phase of education (age 4 - 11 years old) and their families and to become an outstanding specialist centre for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). Providing an inclusive education welcoming children and families from the local area and beyond. All energies will be directed towards the focus of the building up of self-esteem, recognised as the pivot, for pupil achievement and attainment.


The school will develop its practice with pupils, who have complex needs and speech and communication difficulties. Becoming a world class agency, impacting beyond the walls and physical boundaries of the school. Through the development of and utilisation of collaborative partnerships and links. It will raise the quality of education pupils with learning disabilities/difficulties experience.


The school will strive to activate a 21st Century classroom, with all its characteristics: operationalising local, national and international dimensions; real life experiences; present day technology, enhancing communication; creative curriculum; personalised learning; and a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy skills.


The school will support and gain from its location within The Dunham Trust. Acquiring the professional development needed to move the Free School into an ‘Outstanding’ category and becoming a centre of recognised excellence in SEND.


In becoming a Free School, the opportunity to give pupils a safe and secure learning facility. A facility which will be fit for purpose in delivering a personalised curriculum, meeting individual needs, promoting self-esteem and personal worth. Through this physical and organisational location allowing the pupils inclusive opportunities, in progressing towards independence.


The school will creatively search out methods of access, facilitiating both pupils and parents, their voice and their views, to influence decisions and to participate in the educational practice of the school. Pupils will have their voice heard and develop an assertiveness in declaring their ‘voice’, as members of different, but local communities.


In providing the services, required to meet specific needs, the school will act competitively, in securing value for money. This practice will be replicated through out the school, demanding best value for money, in its search for quality and excellence in its educational and environmental provision for its pupils. Searching out and developing external support groups, to again deepen the value of the excellent provision to be provided for the pupils.


Excellence will be built upon the foundation of an enthused, energetic and highly focused staff, driven by the need to achieve the best for the pupils. Leadership, in all aspects, will be of the highest quality, working with staff, parents, pupils and our different communities in aspiring to and in achieving excellence.